Brad Hart, CEO & Founder

With 20 years as an entrepreneur and 16 years managing wealth under his belt, Brad is committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors reach their full potential, so they can focus on solving the grand challenges of our time. 

From co-leading a mastermind of 52 people in China and Hong Kong, to holding mastermind groups in Bali, Italy, Greece and all over the US, Brad has been a part of 28 masterminds and started 10 himself, including a local weekly mastermind group with 500 members.

Build A Mastermind (or BAM for short) is his latest initiative, helping entrepreneurs to add $100k+ to their businesses in profit per year with only 5-10 hours a month ongoing time commitment.  
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1. You'll Learn Why & How To
Create Your Own Mastermind
You'll begin to Understand why creating a mastermind is one of the easiest and most fun business models to create more income and leverage for growth. 

Now you can learn how to FINALLY lean on a business model that can scale while having more time as it grows to pursue the things you enjoy while making an impact.
2. Leverage The Knowledge And Experience Of Others
You'll discover how a mastermind is unlike a group coaching program what the POWER of leveraging both the knowledge & experience of OTHERS to allow this model to grow while providing value to all members. 

Once you learn how to draw from the value found in the members of the group, you'll see why this model is vastly different from other coaching models out there!
3. The Effortless Way To Enroll New Members
You'll learn how to easily enroll new members for open seats to quickly fill your new mastermind and how to get to the root of any objection you find from potential candidates.

Plus, You'll learn how to make invitations look like an honor to those you ask as you build off the caliber of the group as you enroll more and more new mastermind members.

When I met Brad, I was working as an employee and was unsure of how to get to the next step in my life. I knew my end goal, but I didn't know what to do to get there. Through the mastermind group that Brad runs, he helped me obtain clarity on how to create the path to my end goal. 

Brad builds a supportive and constructive space with his masterminds, allowing for collaboration with an incredibly varied group of people. I have seen in my own experiences, and in the experiences of those attending the mastermind on a regular basis, the profound impact of Brad's work. 

The clarity, collaboration, and community I have gained since working with Brad are invaluable! "

- Samantha Hoffman
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