Written by Brad Hart on Sep. 9th 2020
After being a part of 30+ masterminds, starting over a dozen of my own, and helping thousands of others create and fill their own masterminds over the past decade, I’ve come across 11 common questions that almost everyone has before starting. 

The answers to these questions are literally the difference between success and failure in starting your mastermind group. They are the difference between a mastermind full of happy, paying clients, and endless struggle that leads to giving up and justifying failure. 

I want people to build awesome masterminds that help people, so without further ado, here are the answers:
Written by Brad Hart on Oct. 6th 2020
There you sit, staring into space and wondering why your career is stagnant. Your peers are living the dream. You? Not so much.

“You’ve never received a promotion. You don't get the recognition you deserve. Ever.”

Are you a success-driven, entrepreneurial leader, consultant, or coach ready to leverage your time to generate massive returns?

It's time for a change. Mastermind groups may be your ticket.

Most people, like you, have heard of masterminds. But they don't understand the profitability of mastermind networking.

Let's start with a simple definition of mastermind groups, and then break it down.
Written by Brad Hart on Jan 26th 2019
Here is the document I use to prep people and myself for my local free mastermind. In the event, I add some additional logistical information, such as address, parking instructions, no pets, bring a healthy snack, etc. 

I go through these points quickly at the beginning of each mastermind for about 3-5 mins to make sure everyone is on the same page, and that saves way more time than that later, trust me!...

Written by Brad Hart on Jan. 24th 2019
I want to use a fun analogy to describe the process of how people move along their clarity journey and ultimately can see what they didn’t see before, so you, the facilitator can easily see where they’re at and where they still need to go.

First, the person on the hot seat comes along and they have their presenting problem (or PP for short)...
Written by Brad Hart on Dec. 27th 2019
ou might be asking yourself, as many others ask me: 

“Brad, this is just a fancy group coaching program. What’s the difference between running a mastermind and just coaching a group?”

Well, I’m here to help you make that distinction for yourself and the people who you serve, and as their servant leader, ultimately rely on you for your leadership....

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